Driven by God’s love, together add value to the lives of people with impact.

The values out of the Gospel of Jesus groundbreaking with love and power, our heart is focused on seeing people share this on a daily base.



Arise and shine

Crowns is a movement of followers of Jesus who daily walk in their identity, given by God. To share the love of Jesus wherever they go. God created us into His own image and as the crown on His creation. We are deeply moved with those who don’t experience it this way.

The vision is a movement of ordinary followers of Jesus who add value to the lives of other people. Driven by the purpose to bring them into a personal encounter with Him. Based on a style of living, and identity in their own environment within their sphere of influence, by love and power of the Holy Spirit.


Crowns moves within the contemporary postmodern culture. We are driven to mobilize followers of Jesus to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by charity, signs and wonders through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Revival movement

Crowns commits itself to bring people within this movement into fellowship with each other by meetings, in this we work closely together with local churches. The purpose is to get moving together to have effectively impact on our city and nation, to grow together, revived and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.



I grew up in a good, Christian family, and I surrendered my life completely to Jesus Christ at age 16.

After working for eleven years as a police officer I started Crowns in 2010.

During the police work I saw how corrupt people’s lives could be. I am extremely moved with people, driven by the love of Jesus. Because I believe that every human being is in reality the way Jesus looks at him. We, who live based in Jesus as a new creation, don’t live for ourselves anymore. My heart burns with desire, to see the Holy Spirit work powerfully through every believer. To bring, together as one body, daily, Gods love to the places where we live, with impact.



Crowns was founded in 2010 by Ludwig and Heike Swinkels. They experienced a calling from God on their lives to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Crowns is a self-contained organization which moves between various churches and denominations and collaborates with them.

Ludwig falls under the spiritual responsibility of “de Bron” in Eindhoven(the gathering of the brethren in Christ). This home church of Ludwig and Heike recognizes their ministry and offer support. Crowns is also joined with the missionary organization Nehemia, http://www.stichtingnehemia.nl

Ludwig has a couple of independent counselors and an operational core team as base



Powerful movements of God in the past in His church fainted because they stayed within the four walls of the church. A new movement of God kindles again. People whom get moving and have effectively impact on cities and nations in this world, by sharing from the love and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



We don’t convince people about the Gospel, but we demonstrate the love of God by revelation and power. This is a life changing experience when you see this yourself and experience that miracles, signs and prophetic words have impact on people and change their lives.

This training gives you the tools to be a witness of Jesus in the style that fits you. You will learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to have impact on the people around you. This course is innovative and fundamental for Christians who want to share God’s love and power. You will be able to witness extraordinary things happening when you are willing to be dependent on God and want to be used by Him. It is a recommendation to every Christian!

We will train you to share the values of your faith with someone in your daily life. We help you to beat your fears and step out of your comfort zone. You will learn to share your faith from who you are . You will see it will flow out of you automatically. After this training you are capable to pray for people anywhere and you will see God working through you powerfully to bless the other.


What will you learn when you participate in a course of LOVE & IMPACT?

  • Your relationship with God will deepen because you will use the Word of God practically.
  • You learn to spread the Gospel based on God’s Word and your testimony. Your true identity in Christ deepens.
  • You learn to encourage your fellow creature from an active position towards your environment.
  • Your awareness of God’s love deepens. This makes you able to love the other more.
  • You will discover what gifts of healing and words of knowledge are and how you can apply.
  • You will live and act more out of God’s daily guidance.

What is important to us?

  • Identity: The awareness of who you are in Christ
  • Intimacy: To live closely to the Father heart of God
  • Authority: The awareness of the position we have in Christ

Which is our base?

  • The Bible is our foundation
  • Your heart
  • You learn the most by acting out. Knowledge turned into practice.


Which are the fruits?

  • You learn to love God
  • You learn to love your neighbor more
  • You learn to encourage others more by means of offensive attitude and approach
  • You learn to share the Gospel in a personal and contiguous way
  • You learn how God’s power through you can impact people
  • You learn to pray for people on the street(physical as well as mental)
  • You learn to see God’s guidance. You experience His guidance and you will let yourself being led by it
  • You learn to receive words from God, pass them on and act from them
  • You learn to be a gate yourself for a person towards the Christian community



WePray is originated from the desire for revival and transformation. This longing came to existence out of the simple conviction that prayer and worship towards our God will make people, cities and nations flourishing.

What is WePray?

Prayer and worship for revival and transformation. The power of Gods Kingdom in and through us will by His love make a way in our direct environment. The body of Christ can rise again with a new vision of God’s love and power and being led by the Holy Spirit have an ongoing impact on our environment. WePray is not a network meeting or a meeting time with coffee, tea and cookies. It is a time of praying and worshipping together to have revival and transformation in our city and nation.

For whom is WePray?

Anyone who has a desire for revival and transformation in his city can join us.

Where and when is WePray being held?

Look at the map below to know if there is a WePray in your city or neighborhood and find there the information about the prayer time.


Start a WePray yourself?

You want to start a place of prayer as a WePray in your own city? Contact us in that case!